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Touch of the Younger Kind

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Brace Face 2



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Moms Guide to Sex 3

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Sorority Girls Guide To Group Sex

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Black Valley Girls 2

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Cheating With The Babysitter

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Shop Lyfter 4

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Twisted Threesome Tales 2


Studio: Crave Media

Released: Nov 06, 2018

Categories: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Family Roleplay, Threesomes

Performers: Charity Crawford Liv Revamped Lily Jordan Arielle Faye Claudia Bavel Zoey Laine Alana Summers

Length: 2 hrs. 51 mins.


Two being naughty is always better when it's three. Charity and Zoey thought stealing was cool but once they got caught, strip searched and covered cum, they learned crime doesn't pay! Arielle is jealous of all the cash Alana has. Alana let's her friend know that camming is the answer: all you have to do is suck some dick! Claudia was sunning on the beach when we found her.She was such a party girl,she wasted no time once we introduced to two big dicked studs! Liv and Lily should've been studying but they wanted to dyke out instead. Their tutor catches them in the act and threatens to tell their folks, unless they give him a reason not to. Hint, hint!

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Ginger Patch 3


Stepdad walks in on his wife helping her daughter try on bras, but when mom leaves the room he can't control his desire any longer. Ava thought her stepdad had forgotten her birthday, but when gives her a see-thru leotard she rewards him by putting it on...and taking it off! Krystal is being bullied by the girls at school because they think she's a lesbian. She asks her stepdad if she can post pictures of his dick to prove that she likes cock! A gift meant for his wife, ended up in Kadence's hands. When stepdad realizes the mistake he finds the vibrating gift deep inside her stepdaughter's pussy!


Released:Nov 20, 2018

Studio:Crave Media

Length:2 hrs. 22 mins.

Categories:All Sex, Redhead

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Petite Black 4


Harley looked at the adult industry as a way to make some quick money; we looked at it as a way to open up Harley's tight pussy with a thick cock! Julie Kay is eager to start her workout, not only to get a tight body, but because she has a thing for her trainer, she's looking to get fucked hard! Kendall knows just what her man wants for his birthday; he wants his little black girlfriend to put on handcuffs and submit to his every desire! Kinsley is your private school girl fantasy come to life who spreads her legs and wants her boyfriend to pour oil all over her luscious body.


Released:Nov 29, 2018

Studio:Crave Media

Length:2 hrs. 50 mins.

Categories:All Sex, Black, Interracial, Petite

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Little Girls Love Big Dicks 2

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Dad Crush Vol. 4

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Black Valley Girls 3


Tiffany was hired to tutor Nathan but his girlfriend wasn't too pleased with the idea and with good reason. When the girlfriend returned from shopping, she found Nathan's load off over Tiffany's face! Arie is one of the smartest girls in school but because she's such a bookworm, none of the guys go after her. When her neighbor shows up asking for her help with his grades, Arie proves she's as devious as she is smart and decides to trade grades for rock hard cock! Jenna has an over-protective father so when she brings home a white boy to fuck, she has to be super careful to make sure her daddy doesn't find out. Ivory is watching a scary movie with her girlfriend but she didn't count on a hard cock creep in a devil's costume pounding her wet pussy during the flick! 4 scenes of beautiful, young black beauties getting drilled and covered in cum!


Released:Jan 07, 2019

Studio: Crave Media

Length:2 hrs. 16 mins.

Categories:18+ Teens, All Sex, Black, Interracial

18.48 EUR

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