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Power Girl



Four XXX parody scenes for your viewing pleasure! Watch and enjoy!


Released:Mar 12, 2018

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Length:1 hrs. 28 mins.

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Cosplay

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Lesbian Comix





Poison Ivy is developing a new bread of mind expending solution from a rare type of Black Orchid, and it is quite powerful! She goes visit her good friend Selena (aka Catwoman) who is looking for some action. Ivy tries it on her. The effects are immediate and quite strong. Catwoman looses control and her behavior becomes outrageous. She seems possessed by the Black Orchid effects which brings Catwoman to a serious heat! She will be experiencing a strong orgasm and Ivy wants one on her own too. Kitty doesn't know how to handle her orchid, it's definitely stronger than catnip and brings her complete sexual freedom.




Wonder Woman has just arrived at Vampirella's Castle and already she can sense that things won't be going her way on this mission. Vampirella is strong and Wonder Woman can feel it. Quickly she will be subjected to Vampirella's mesmerizing powers and soon the super heroine will be at her full service. The Super Heroine will be humiliated, controlled and completely helpless to pleasure her new Vampire Queen.




The adventure starts with Black Cat in her love nest, in the attic waiting for Spider Man. He is suppose to join her and has left a spider web for her to get tied and tangled. But he is no where to be seen. Late for their date, as always. Probably going from roof to roof saving the city.


Black Cat is not to thrilled to be stood up one more time. She is horny and was looking forward to some action. Frustrated about the wait, she decides to start without him. First by getting lost and tied up in his web, with his DNA all over her, getting her turned on beyond words.Once she is all worked up, she will start stripping, while talking dirty and touching herself to a powerful orgasm.


Then she decides to do something really bad to upset Spider Man who did not show up. She is going to go steal the Pink Heart, a Giant Diamond who belongs to the Pink Panther


Black Cat makes her way to the vault, she is so close to the diamond. She just need to find the laser grid and avoid setting off the alarm system! She is very clever and a master thief and will manage to get to the diamond, but what she does NOT KNOW is that the Pink Panther is watching her and has different plans for her.


Entranced & Helpless


Zatanna and Catwoman are teaming up to take you down. Detective you found us but you are no match to us. You certainly shouldn't have come here alone. In fact we know exactly what you will be doing.. Get dirty for us!


Released:Jul 24, 2017

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Length:1 hrs. 3 mins.

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Cosplay, Fetish, Redhead, Sex Toy Play

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Rouge One: A Fetish Parody



Anastasia Pierce,Angela Sommers,Melissa



ROGUE ONEa Fetish ParodyPART 1 : ROGUE ONEStarring: Angela Sommers as Jyn Erso and Anastasia Pierce as StormtrooperSynopsis: In a time of conflict, a solo female rebel is on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the EmpireÔ_Ts ultimate weapon of destruction. She is the only chance to restore freedom to the galaxy. She has managed her way into the armored space station and is looking for the secret documents..Includes: Angela Sommers, Anastasia Pierce, Sci-Fi Parody, Rebel, Special FX, Authentic super heroine sci-fi legendary costumes, SHIP, Stretching Rack, Super villain, Bondage, Chains, Leather Straps, Pussy Licking, Girl-Girl, Strap-on, Forced orgasm, Humiliation, Cosplay, Unmasking, Stripping, Slave, Wooden stock, Prison, Boots, Nude Big Breast, Punishments, Blow jobs, Uniform, Explicit, Bound. Super-Heroine in Distress with Bondage and Humiliation. Peril, No escape, Doom.PART 2 - LEIA BETRAYEDStarring: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia and Melissa Jacobs as R2-BimboSynopsis: Once again princess Leia finds herself running for her life.She was captured together with her trustworthy R2-D2. She manages to escape her prison and she is looking for a way out. But first she needs to locate R2-D2. She can't leave without her bellowed droid friend.But she does not realize that she is up for an unpleasant surprise, once againÔ_ªR2-D2 has been upgraded to a female Robot/ Droid R2-Bimbo and also reprogrammed !!!Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Slave Princess Leia, Mellissa Jacobs as R2-Bimbo, authentic super heroine sci-fi legendary costumes, SHIP, bondage, leather restraints, humiliation, nipple clamps, pussy suction, cleave gag, flogging, bare foot, foot fetish, dick on the stick, dildo, peril, cosplay, forced orgasm, armpit fetish, belts, punishment, wedgy, pain, discipline, penetration, robot, droid, fembot, real doll, tease, betrayal, parody, super-heroine in distress with bondage and humiliation.PART 3 - LEIA IN PERSIL VS BOBBA FETISHStarring: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia, Star Nine as Bobba FetishSynopsis: It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet.Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxyBut before she can reunite with the rest of the Rebels she gets captured by Bobba Fetish, most feared bounty hunter of the Galaxy.. What will happen to Leia now Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Princess Leia, Star Nine as Bobba Fetish, Authentic super heroine legendary costumes, SHIP, Damsel in Distress, Star Wars Parody, Superheroine in Peril, Quicksand, Peril, Super Villain, Plasma Energy, Styro Sand, Wet, Quicksand, Wet and Messy, Trap, Captive, Doom

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ArtikelNr.: 540514

Scarlet Witch 4



Scarlet Witch, Miss Marvel, Spider-Girl and Venom all square off in this fetish all girl parody that explores the sexual dominance of these superheroes and villains!! Super hero action never looked this good!!


Released:Aug 23, 2016

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Length:1 hrs. 15 mins.

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Bondage, Cosplay, Domination, Female Domination, Fetish, Parody, Sex Toy Play, Strap-Ons, Superhero

18.48 EUR

ArtikelNr.: 540525

Scarlet Witch Part 3


Superheroines Fetish Parody

Super-heroines lesbians taking the domination to each other and not resisting in the least. It's pure female dom and it's up to the superheroines to cum as hard as they can!!


Released:Jul 21, 2015

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Length:1 hrs. 33 mins.

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Bondage, Cosplay, Domination, Female Domination, Fetish, Parody, Redhead, Sex Toy Play, Strap-Ons


18.48 EUR

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Alien Insemination



Released:Aug 13, 2018

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Length:1 hrs. 1 mins.

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Outer Space, Parody, Science Fiction

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ArtikelNr.: 548530

Spooky Comix



18.48 EUR

ArtikelNr.: 548647

Sexy Heroines 2



A Super Heroine and Fetish Parody Sexy Heroines Super Heroine Fetish Parodies. With Super Heroine characters center stage. All four stories include Special FX, Girl-girl, Bondage and Fetish scenarios with great storylines and some very sexual comix fantasies.


Released:Dec 05, 2018

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Cosplay, Fetish

18.48 EUR

ArtikelNr.: 555677

Sexy Heroines!



Released:Sep 05, 2018

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Cosplay, Fetish

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ArtikelNr.: 557537

Wonder Woman Broken



Lesbian super heroines fighting for power! Super heroine in distress porn parody.


Released:Apr 16, 2019

Studio: Anastasia Pierce Productions

Categories:All Girl / Lesbian, Feature, Parody, Superhero

18.48 EUR

ArtikelNr.: 557957

Nylon Addiction



Nylon Domination - A damsel gets seduced and addicted to the feeling of nylons rubbing between her legs. She will go further than she has ever been with another woman.


Mistress Nylon - An employee submits to her boss and mistress and to all of her kinky desires.


POV - Three sensational domination videos wiht masturbaton instruction, dirty talk and silky nylon training.


Released:Apr 30, 2019

Studio: Pulse Pictures

Length:1 hrs. 49 mins.

Categories:Alt Girls, Bondage, Fetish, Fetish Wear, Spankin

18.48 EUR

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Black Rods In Euro Grandmas


These sexy old Euro grannies love hard black cock, and they'll take all they can get! Watch them get fucked!


Released:Feb 11, 2020

Studio: All Niche Productions

Length:2 hrs. 10 mins.

Categories:Anal, BBC, European, Gonzo, Grannies, High Heels, International, Interracial, Mature

12.03 EUR

ArtikelNr.: 578092

Amateur Skank Parade


Released:Mar 17, 2020

Studio: All Niche Productions

Length:1 hrs. 18 mins.

Categories:Amateur, Big Boobs, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Facials, Gangbang, Gonzo

Performers:Angela, Erika, Edina, Kristyna

12.03 EUR

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