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50er Desperate Pleasures

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20er Desperate Pleasures Neuheiten 2018

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Taboo Diaries Vol. 15

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Maxines First BBW BBC Orgy

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As Real As It Gets

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First Time Footjobs 03

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Cum For Me Daddy! Vol. 7

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Trick Or Treat Tramps

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Family Anal Adventures 4

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Mouths Of Babes 2, The


Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Released: Nov 06, 2018

Categories: 18+ Teens, Blowjobs, Cumshots, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Point Of View

Performers: Zelda Morrison Angelica Cruz Ocean Pearl Lenna Lux Victoria Graceson Angelina Diamond Kay Kash

Length: 1 hrs. 18 mins.

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Daddys Private Sex Tapes 3


Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Released: Nov 13, 2018

Categories: 18+ Teens, All Sex, Family Roleplay, Older Men

Performers: Hope Harper Zoe Parker Maria Jade April Dawn

Length: 1 hrs. 15 mins.

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Jerky Girls Of America Vol. 7


Released:Nov 20, 2018

Studio:Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 19 mins.

Categories:Amateur, Cumshots, Gonzo, Handjobs

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Family Stuffing Recipes


XXX that just shouldn't happen! All taboo creampies!


Released:Nov 29, 2018

Studio:Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 20 mins.

Categories:18+ Teens, Cream Pie, Cumshots, Family Roleplay, Gonzo

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Boondock Butt Sluts


Follow Jay as he picks up girls for and then fucks them in the ass!


Sailor Luna Almost Got Us Caught The last time I hooked up with Sailor was so hot I couldn't pass up a second time. Sailor even wanted to get her ass fucked this time so I picked her up as soon as possible. Sailor couldn't wait to get my cock in her mouth and rock hard for her ass. She rode me for a few minutes in the drivers sat then we moved outside so I could pound her ass. Sailor came so hard I couldn't stop myself from cumming in her ass. It's a good thing we finished when we did cause a ranger pulled i just as we got in the car!


Bull Run Buttslut April Dawn I was headed north to Jersey for Exxxotica. As luck would have it April Dawn was in town too. We hooked up in the woods right near the campground. April was so hot for cock she didn't waste any time dropping to her knees and sucking my cock then she hiked up her dress so I could pound her wet pussy. We heard some people coming which made us both cum hard and fast but we both wanted more. I invited her back to my place later and she showed up the next day with a big surprise. April let me pound her tight asshole til I came inside it then we both hit the road. This hot hookup includes 2 cumshots it was so intense!


Lone Star Buttslut Baby M I was headed through the Lone Star state when Baby hit me up. When she got in my ride she was raring to go so we pulled in between 2 trucks and she started sucking my cock. Baby was so down to fuck she told me if I got a room she would let me fuck her ass too. I found a motel that always leaves its lights on and hit the room. Baby and I fucked like rabbits all over that room til she soaked the bed and I filled her gaping asshole with a massive creampie. I gotta say Texas was risky but it's well worth the ride Baby gave me!


Released:Feb 19, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 24 mins.

Categories:18+ Teens, Anal, Gonzo, Public Sex

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Dogg Tagged


Dogg and his homes are on the hunt for horny white women with BBC cravings. When they get these bitches back to the crib, Dogg marks his territory by putting his stamp on their asses, firing up the 4K camera, and letting the BBC pounding begin! In the true Raw, Extreme, Amateur spirit of, these willing nymphos surrender their hot holes to all carnal desires. Rough sex, cum shots, and creampies: these cock hungry bitches take any black cock thrown at them - in too many ways to count!


Released:Feb 27, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:2 hrs. 15 mins.

Categories:All Sex, Amateur, Big Cocks, Interracial

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Boondock Sluts 5: AVN Adventures



Five young girls who are ready to fuck no matter where they are! When it feels right, drop those pants!


Released:Apr 05, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 39 mins.

Categories:18+ Teens, Amateur, Gonzo, Point Of View, Public Sex

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Bubble Butt Housewives



Wrecking older, fat white ass!


Released:Apr 16, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 30 mins.

Categories:Affairs & Love Triangles, All Sex, Amateur, Big Butt, Redhead, Wives

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Cum For Mommy 2




Alora Jaymes - "Good morning stepson, I've been waiting for you to open those eyes since your father left for work.I just couldn't tear myself away once I saw your hardness under the sheets. Is that morning wood from thoughts of 'Mommy"? Well, let 'Mommy' take care of you right now, son. Mmmm, you're so hard already it won't take much for coaxing I bet. There yo go son, get all that built up sperm ready for "Mommy's' waiting mouth. Thank you baby boy, that was the best way to start my day with you."


Maxine X - "I can't keep my mind on what I'm reading knowing we are here alone. 'Momma' has a craving only you can satisfy. I really want that cock of yours in my mouth right now. Don't worry,it will be quick so 'Daddy' doesn't catch us. Mmm, your cock is already dripping thinking about my mouth, isn't it? Now that it's nice and wet by titsw will glide along it nicely."


Tucker Stevens - "What are you doing in my room young man?! Oh,I know why you're here. You're trying to blackmail me, aren't you? You're shady, you take after your father for sure! Fine! What is it you want, a sexy little strip tease? A handjob? What? A striptease and a blowjob?! Demanding little brat you are! You better not ever tell anyone especially your father our little secret if I do this, OK? I'm going to make this the sexiest strip tease you've ever seen, better than any of those young hotties you keep bringing home! You like 'Mommy' pulling off her clothes one article at a time? I know you do, I see that cock getting harder as all my clothes fall to the floor. Stand up, let "Mommy" put that hard cock in my mouth. You're getting a blowjob so nasty you'll have to keep your mouth zipped. Look at you, your eyes are rolling back when I use two hands to stroke your throbbing cock! I bet your young little whores don't know this trick! I want you to jizz in my mouth so there's no mess for 'Mommy' to clean up. Go on, fill my mouth up with that cum!"


Released:Apr 10, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:2 hrs. 47 mins.

Categories:Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Mature, MILF, Point Of View

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Weekends At Grandpas 7

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Boondock Sluts 3

16.80 EUR

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Virtually Taboo



Ten young girls acting out your most twisted taboo fantasies and performing just for you!


Hope Harper in Daddy Take Me To The Woods


"Days like this are so much fun, 'Daddy," but I have a confession. Being in the woods with you really gets me turned on. C'mon 'Daddy,' you know it get you hot too. I know it's risky but I want you to fuck me right here 'Daddy.' You're already hard, so just ease it in just like that/ That's it, 'Daddy,' take me in the woods and give it to me hard. Thank you, 'Daddy!'"


Aaliyah Hadid is Right There Daddy


"'Daddy' I've missed you so much. I'm so glad you're home. The way you kiss my neck and breasts makes me so crazy. Let me get these clothes out of the way so you can kiss even more. Your tongue feels so good in my wet pussy. Oh god, 'Daddy,' I need you inside me. That's it, fuck me 'Daddy.' Harder, 'Daddy,' harder, take me from behind and make me cum. Oh,'Daddy,' did you cum too? I'm not on the pill, so we better hope for the best.


Vera Bliss in Daddy Fuck your Lil Girl


"'Daddy,' do you wanna play? Do you wanna see my young little tits and my bald pussy? I want you to play with me, 'Daddy!' All of this is for you! I'm your little girl! I want you to slide that hard cock into my young tight pussy! Stretch your little girl out, 'Daddy!' Your cock feels so good! It's so big inside my little pussy! You're going to make me cum all over you, 'Daddy!' Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me, 'Daddy!' Oh, my god! Yes! 'Daddy,' I want you to bend me over and fuck me as hard as you can! It feels so good! Cum inside me! I want to feel your hot load!


Released:Apr 23, 2019

Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Length:1 hrs. 21 mins.

Categories:18+ Teens, Family Roleplay, Gonzo, Point Of View

19.32 EUR

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